Fashion Square Mall: A Great Basic Shopping Center in Orlando

Orlando is full of big, splashy malls with beautiful displays, decadent eateries and luxurious merchandise. Unfortunately, most of these malls are also FULL of tourists, especially on the weekends. As an Orlando local, sometimes I just need to go shopping for things like school clothes, makeup or a pair of sneakers, and it’s not worth the effort to go to one of the ‘fancy’ malls.  That’s when I take my family and head out to Fashion Square Mall, located just east of downtown Orlando.

Fashion Square is an older mall, but has been recently renovated so it’s actually quite bright and fresh-looking inside. It has a good selection of anchor stores including Dillard’s and Macy’s, both of which have good selections of all of the major brands.

My favorite thing about this mall is the movie theater. It’s a Premiere Cinema, and it was built just a couple of years ago, with big comfortable chairs and high-quality digital projectors and sound systems. I take my kids to this theater very often, because the first showing of each movie is just $4.50, half-off the regular ticket price.

There are plenty of good options for food at this mall, including a popular Panera Bread located inside. The food court is pretty small, but covers all the basics like Sbarro and Auntie Anne’s Pretzels. There’s even a brand-new Green Day Cafe which offers healthy organic fare. The mall has started holding special events to bring in more customers on the weekends. The strategy seems to be working, especially when they host the ever-popular Food Truck Bazaars!

Fashion Square Mall covers all the basics, with very good outposts of Express, The Limited, Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works, and Hot Topic.

With easy parking including a covered parking garage, plenty of good stores and food, and a clean, pleasant environment, this mall is just the ticket if you’re looking for a good no-frills shopping experience in Orlando.  Add in a trip to the movies, and you’ve got the perfect way to escape the heat on a hot summer day!

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